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Youth and Scout Programs

The Buggy Museum is pleased to offer several programs for school, home, and organizational use.  Where applicable, each program has Pennsylvania standards for each section.  There are also leader/teacher guides that contain answer keys.  Each program that includes a visit to the Museum is separately priced, please see the details under each heading.

Buggy Town

Designed for 3rd-5th Grade Students!

This program is designed for students studying Pennsylvania or transportation history.  It is separated into four major parts – spelling, reading and comprehension, math and geography.  Click here to download the program. There is no fee to download this program.

Exploring the past

Designed for all 3rd-8th Grade Students!

This program is a five part program centered on Helen E. Biggs and includes census study, educational history and school exercises and reading and interpreting primary sources.  The program includes visits to New Berlin historic sites and/or the Mifflinburg Buggy Museum. There is no fee to download and use the program, there are fees involved in the visits.

Program Downloads:

Exploring the Past Leader Teacher Guide
Exploring the Past Meet Tootsy
Playing in the Past Evangelical Association
Exploring the Past Tootsy's Education
Exploring the Past Grown Up Tootsy
Exploring the Past Become Tootsy 

Girl scouts

Calling all Girl Scouts... 

There are programs for the following badges: Celebrating Community (Brownie), Playing in the Past (Junior), Field Day (Cadette), and Traveler (Senior).  The Museum maintains a list for Bronze, Silver, and Gold award projects. 

Cub scouts

Attention all Cub Scouts... 

Each of these programs meet requirements for electives for each den level – Tiger, Wolf, and Webelos / Arrow of Light.

Boy scouts

Calling all Boy Scouts... 

The Mifflinburg Buggy Museum can help with both rank advancements and specific merit badges.  The Museum also maintains a list of Eagle rank worthy projects.

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