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Our Mission

The Mifflinburg Buggy Museum Association, Inc. is an educational and historical organization with a mission to preserve for public appreciation the original Heiss Coach Works, a small industrial site representative of Pennsylvania and the United States at the turn of the 20th century, and to interpret the museum complex as an example of the region's buggy manufacturing heritage and its social and economic culture.


  • To accomplish this mission, the primary goals which guide the Mifflinburg Buggy Museum Association (here after known as MBM) are:

  • To preserve, display, interpret and develop collections related to the buggy manufacturing heritage of Mifflinburg.

  • To encourage the highest standards of museum practices, conservation and historical research.

  • To present a variety of educational programs and tours which interpret to a broad public audience turn of the century life as it related to the buggy manufacturing industry.

  • To continue a program of scholarly research on the collection in a broad historical context and to provide information for publication and program planning.

  • To serve as a resource for historical organizations and individuals.

  • To develop and sustain its board of directors so that it can administer the mission and ensure effective organizational planning according to acceptable non-profit standards and management procedures.

  • To recruit and develop board members, employees and volunteers so that their special knowledge and skills contribute meaningfully to the museum's mission.


Corporate Sponsors

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