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Cub Scouts

Wolf Den: Paws on the Path, Adventure Requirement #6


Finding Your Way, Adventure Elective

Using the map provided, Scouts can explore the historic district of Mifflinburg, learning directions through the cardinal points.  This program can be used for either adventure. There is no fee for this program.  
Click here to download the program.

Tiger Den: Tiger Tales, Adventure Requirement #7


Tiger scouts are welcomed into the Buggy Museum’s Visitor Center where we introduce William and Anna Heiss.  William was a buggy maker in Mifflinburg, his wife Anna worked with him.  We’ll talk about the family, look at some of the things that belonged to them and other objects that the Museum collects.  The scouts will spend about 30 minutes at the Museum.  Scouts are welcome to do their opening and closing at the Museum, a U.S. flag is available for use.  The fee for this program is $1.00 per scout.

Webelos / Arrow of Light Dens

Art Explosion

We will provide “display” space for any art work produced by scouts. (Requirement #4)  The art work will be on display for 30 days, there is no fee, nor admission to see the art work.  It is available during regular Museum hours.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

We have shoe box digs to learn about archeology that can be borrowed for your Gathering activity for meeting 2.  There is a $10.00 security deposit, which is returned upon the return of the shoe box.

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